Sao Tome e Principe Transport Sector Development and Coastal Protection Project (WB-P161842)

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$ 25.00 million
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$ 55.00 million
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Updated in EWS Feb 14, 2019

Disclosed by Bank Feb 23, 2018

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Project Description

The proposed transport development and coastal protection project is to rehabilitate National Road N1 from Sao Tome – Guadalupe – Neves (27 km), the rehabilitation of the Marginal road (6 km). The project will also strengthen the technical and management capacity of INAE, Road Fund and GIME. The proposed project will install coastal protections along the Sao Tome bays and climate resilience measures to protect the roads project from landslides and sea erosion.

The proposed project would consist of four components:

  1. Sao-Tome - Guadalupe -Neves road rehabilitation - Civil Works and project supervision (Cost estimate: US$ 36.0 million).
    1. Rehabilitation of existing National Road N1 from Sao Tome to Neves (27 km).
    2. Construction supervision and quality assurance services.
  2. Institutional strengthening (Estimated Cost: US$ 3.5 million): This project component will consolidate the road sector institutional set up and improve asset management practices, including:
    1. Road maintenance as well small scale coastal and slope protections of priority national road sections using performance based approach, including technical and management capacity strengthening of GIME and local communities;
    2. Strengthening the institutional capacity of the road fund an INEA in mobilizing road maintenance financing and improving road asset management system;
    3. Increased participation of women in GIMEs (the Task Team will assess if it possible to target that 50% of GIME workers are women) and enhanced gender awareness through the provision of training to GIMEs’ workforce (focus on specific issues will be determined by the results of the Social Assessment).
  3. Rehabilitation of the capital sea front Marginal road and its protection to coastal hazards, including civil works supervision cost (Estimated Cost: US$20.0 million), including:
    1. Coastal protection of 6 km of the shoreline of the capital São Tomé, which could consist in the rehabilitation of the existing seawalls, the construction of breakwaters to reduce the energy of the incoming waves or rock revetments to protect the beaches and assets. Most of the existing coastal protections have been built during the colonial period. The sea front is frequently inundated (at least 10 times per year) by wave overtopping during high tide periods. The infrastructure to be identified as part of the on-going study supported by the Dutch cooperation, will help to protect all the sea front from inundation and coastal erosion (estimated cost: US$7.0 million)
    2. Rehabilitation of the Marginal road (6.0 km), including the refection of the road revetment, the strengthening of pedestrians’ sidewalks, improvement of the pedestrians ‘safety with protected crossings. Due to poor maintenance, and no massive rehabilitation for the last decades, the transport infrastructures of the sea front, have been extensively damaged, preventing the site to fully exploit its touristic potential. (estimated cost: US$ 12.0 million)
    3. Construction supervision and quality assurance services. (Estimated Cost: US$1.0 million).
  4. Project management support (Estimated Cost: US$0.5 million). This project component will finance the operation and incremental costs of the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) including:
    1. Implementation support to PIU for contract management for the main civil works and consulting services under the project;
    2. Preparation of supporting studies for future transport and coastal protection projects.
Investment Description
  • World Bank (WB)
Contact Information

World Bank:
Mustapha Benmaamar, Nicolas Benjamin Claude Desramaut
Lead Transport Specialist

Ministry of Finance, Trade and Blue Economy

Implementing Agency:
INAE (instituto Nacional das Estradas)
Nelson Cardoso
Executive Director 


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