Floating Storage Regasification Unit for Acajutla LNG to Power Project (IDBI-12520-02)

  • El Salvador
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Department of Sonsonate
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  • IDB Invest (IDBI)
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Dec 4, 2020
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FSRU Ltda de CV and FSRU Development Pte Ltd
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$ 90.00 million
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Loan Amount (USD)
$ 90.00 million
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Updated in EWS Apr 5, 2021

Disclosed by Bank Nov 2, 2020

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Project Description

The Project involves the purchase and conversion of a liquified natural gas (“LNG”) carrier (“LNGC”) to a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (“FSRU”). The FSRU will be permanently moored at the port of Acajutla in the Department of Sonsonate, in El Salvador, to provide liquified natural gas regasification services to Energia del Pacifico Limitada de CV (“EDP”), a 378-megawatt combined cycle thermal power plant financed by IDB Invest in 2019. The FSRU is an essential piece for the operation of the LNG-to-power plant, which is expected to be the lowest cost thermal generator in El Salvador, a country heavily reliant on imported heavy fuel oil-fired generators for its dispatched power, and to provide reliable energy, reduced carbon emissions and increased foreign investment.

The Project sponsors are BW Gas Ltd (“BW”) and Invenergy Investment Company LLC (“Invenergy”). BW is a global maritime company involved in the infrastructure development, production, and shipping of natural gas. Invenergy is a global developer and operator company for provision of diverse energy solutions (natural gas, wind, solar, storage). The Project developer companies (the “Borrowers”) are: i) FSRU, Ltda. de C.V, a Salvadorian company; and ii) FSRU Development Pte Ltd, a Singaporean firm. Both borrower companies are jointly owned by the sponsors.

FSRU Development Pte Ltd is the current owner of the liquid natural gas carrier (LNGC) ship ‘BW Tatiana’, a moss-type tanker previously owned by Shell (and named SS Gallina) and which will be converted into an FSRU. Once converted, the FSRU will then be transferred from the shipyard in Singapore and moored at the project location in Acajutla, El Salvador, as part of supply gas infrastructure to EDP’s LNG-to-power plant. Ownership of BW Tatiana will be transferred to FSRU Ltda. de C.V. for the operational phase of the Project.

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Investment Description
Private Actor 1 Private Actor 1 Role Private Actor 1 Sector Relation Private Actor 2 Private Actor 2 Role Private Actor 2 Sector
- - - - BW Gas Ltd Parent Company -
- - - - FSRU Development Pte Ltd Investor -
- - - - FSRU, Ltda. de C.V Investor -
- - - - Invenergy Investment Corporation LLC Parent Company -

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The information about the LNG-to-power project can be accessed in the link: http://www.energiadelpacifico.com/; about the sponsors BW (https://www.bw-group.com/) and Invenergy (https://invenergyllc.com/). The BW Tatiana:


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