Electricity Tariff Stabilization Liquidity Facility (IDBI-12111-02)

  • Chile
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Financial Institutions
  • IDB Invest (IDBI)
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Voting Date
Aug 25, 2020
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Aela Generacion; AES Gener; Cerro Dominador; Colbun; Chungungo; Empresa Electrica Caren;
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  • Finance
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Investment Type(s)
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Investment Amount (USD)
$ 1.08 million
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Primary Source

Original disclosure @ IDBI website

Updated in EWS Jul 20, 2020

Disclosed by Bank Jul 16, 2020

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Project Description
<div class="block">This operation (the "Operation" or the "Project") is intended to provide a liquidity facility to a group of companies comprising Aela Generaci&oacute;n S.A.; AES Gener S.A.; Cerro Dominador CSP S.A.; Colb&uacute;n S.A.; Chungungo S.A.; Empresa El&eacute;ctrica Caren S.A.; Empresa El&eacute;ctrica de Panguipulli S.A.; Enel Generaci&oacute;n S.A.; Engie Energ&iacute;a Chile S.A.; E&oacute;lica Monte Redondo S.A.; GM Holdings S.A.; Guacolda Energ&iacute;a S.A.; Norvind S.A.; San Juan S.A.; and Santiago Solar S.A.; (the "Clients" or the "Companies") to counter the repercussions in the economic environment generated by the Tariff Stability Law and the lack of liquidity they are experiencing as a result of the postponement of payment of part of the energy purchase agreement (PPA)&nbsp; price set forth in said law.&nbsp;&nbsp;The funds of the Operation will be used exclusively to acquire receivables associated with the stabilization mechanism established by the aforementioned Law. <div class="intro-frame block-wysiwyg"> <div>&nbsp;</div> </div> </div>
Investment Description
  • IDB Invest (IDBI)
Contact Information

For Project inquiries please contact the Clients:

AELA Generacion S.A.
Nombre: Adrian Ratner
Titulo: Chief Financial Officer
Numero de Telefono: +56 2 2486 2600
Correo Electronico:

AES Gener S.A.; y Guacolda Energia S.A.
Nombre: Felix Gomez
Titulo: Corporate Finance Manager
Numero de Telefono: +56 2 2686 8567
Correo Electronico:

Cerro Dominador CSP S.A.
Nombre: Fernando Gonzalez
Titulo: CEO
Numero de telefono: +1 (202) 600-3372
Correo electronico:

Colbun S.A.
Nombre: Sebastian Moraga
Titulo: Chief Financial Officer
Numero de telefono: +56 2 2460 4020
Correo electronico:

Chungungo S.A.
Nombre: Alfredo Solar
Titulo: Gerente General
Numero de telefono: +56 2 2611 8300
Correo electronico:

Parque Eolico Taltal SpA.; Enel Generacion Chile S.A.; y Enel Green Power Chile S.A.
Nombre: Isabela Klemes
Titulo: Head of Investor Relation Enel Chile Group
Numero de telefono: +56 2 2353 4682
Correo electronico:

Engie Energia Chile S.A.; y Eolica Monte Redondo SpA.
Nombre: Eduardo Milligan
Titulo: CFO
Numero de telefono: +56 2 2353 3275
Correo electronico:

GM Holdings S.A.
Nombre: Angus Blackburn
Titulo: Chief Financial Officer
Numero de telefono: +56 2 2391 1100
Correo electronico:

Empresa Electrica Caren S.A.; San Juan S.A.; y Norvind S.A.
Nombre: Esteban Moraga
Titulo: Chief Financial Officer
Numero de telefono: +56 2 2820 3200
Correo electronico:

Santiago Solar S.A.
Nombre: Ignacio Hernandez Amezquita
Titulo: CFO - AME SpA
Numero de telefono: +56 2 2896 8900
Correo electronico:


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