Schwarz Group

This private actor is involved in the following projects as recorded by the Early Warning System. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of all development bank funded projects in which this private actor may be involved. For more details on the information published in the Early Warning System, see our Methodology.

Project Number Project Name Private Actor 1 Private Actor 1 Role Private Actor 1 Sector Relation Private Actor 2 Private Actor 2 Role Private Actor 2 Sector
IFC-48827 EUR Food Retail - - - - Schwarz Group Client Industry and Trade
IFC-43607 Lidl Romania RSE - - - - Schwarz Group Parent Company -
EBRD-53644 Schwarz Sustainable Regional Retail Expansion - - - - Schwarz Group Parent Company -
EBRD-54513 Schwarz Sustainable Regional Retail Exp Baltics - - - - Schwarz Group Parent Company -

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