Samawa and Dhiqar Combin (DFC-SAMAWADHIQAR)

  • Iraq
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  • US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC)
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Project Description

According to bank documents,  the Project involves the construction and operation of two thermal power plants each with a gross capacity to generate 750 mega Watts of electricity (MWe). One of the power plants will be located in Samawa and the other in Nasiriyah (Dhiqar) in southern Iraq. Samawa is approximately 293 kilometers (km) northwest of Basra and Nasiriyah (Dhiqar) is 200 km northwest of Basra. Each power plant consists of four combustion turbines (with a gross capacity of 4 x 125 MWe) and one steam turbine (with a gross capacity of 236.1 MWe). Samawa will require a 16-km transmission line for connecting to the local electricity grid. Dhiqar will require a short, less than 2.5 km in length, transmission line. Both the transmission lines will be located in existing right-of-ways. The main fuel for both the power plants will be natural gas. Natural gas for each of the power plants will be delivered by the existing gas pipeline network and will require connecting pipelines of less than 1.5 km in length. Light Distillate Oil as backup fuel will be trucked to each power plant. The Dhiqar plant will also use crude oil as backup fuel, which will be supplied by a nearby crude oil pipeline. The Samawa plant will also use Heavy Fuel Oil as backup fuel, which will be supplied by a nearby Heavy Fuel Oil pipeline. Each of the power plants will be supplied by water from the Euphrates River using existing canals. Dhiqar plant will construct a new intake structure. Samawa plant will use existing intake structure. Both of the plants will use air coolers and water will only be used for steam generation, NOX abatement and other uses at the plants. The Samawa Plant is located on a 500,000 square meter plot of land near a petroleum refinery and has a few residential neighborhoods in its immediate vicinity. The Dhiqar plant is located on a 300,000 square meter plot of land, is in a rural area along a national highway and the Baghdad-Basra rail line and near a thermal power plant and has four small villages in its immediate vicinity. 

Investment Description
  • US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC)
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Ministry of Electricity / General Directorate for Gas Power Plants Projects
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