Public-Private Strategies for the Development of Huehuetenango (IADB-GU-T1270)

  • Guatemala
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Huehuetenango; Alta y Baja Verapaz; Q'uiche'
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$ 0.30 million
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Project Description

FROM THE IDB: "The objective of the TC is to articulate public and private interventions and strategies to generate integral and sustainable human development for the communities of the municipality of San Mateo Ixtatan."

The justification for the project is explicitly related to the San Mateo and San Andres hydro projects:

El área de influencia directa cubre aproximadamente 3 kilómetros cuadrados y una línea de transmisión prevista de 32 kilómetros que incluirá a 23 comunidades (Las comunidades en cuestión son Bella Linda, El Platanar, Ixquisis, Nuevo San Mateo, Pojom, El Rincon, Yalanhuitz, Nueva Concepcion, Yulchen Frontera Bajo, Yulchen Frontera Alto, Rio Seco, Yichcaqchin, Chaquenal, Santa Rosa, Chaquenalito, Ixcansan, Malcaxte, El Poblado, El Porvenir, Nuevo Triunfo,Yichwitz, Xaper y Tiactac).

However, the stated objective actually seems to be much broader:

El objetivo de la CT [cooperación técnica] es desarrollar una estrategia para atender la conflictividad social existente en las comunidades, que articule intervenciones y estrategias públicas y privadas para generar un desarrollo humano integral y sostenible para las comunidades del municipio de San Mateo Ixtatan del departamento de Huehuetenango y otros municipios de los departamentos de Alta y Baja Verapaz y el Quiché. Los municipios son: Rabinal, Cubulco, Chicamán, San Cristóbal Verapaz, Santa Cruz Verapaz.

The bank describes three lines of action:

1) channeling and articulation of public resources through loan operations that are already in execution. The Bank has an important experience supporting the Government serving the communities of the Chixoy area;

2) Promoting productive linkages and provision of technical assistance to enhance the productive development of communities with the support of PDHSA and other private sector partners; and

3) Supporting government agencies that have responsibility for managing dialogue and conflict, particularly the Presidential Dialogue Commission (CPD).


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Investment Description
  • Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)
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