Refi Rumicha - Pasto 4G Toll Road (IDBI-13522-01)

  • Colombia
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Departamento de Nariño
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Jul 20, 2021
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Concesionaria Vial Union del Sur SAS
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  • Transport
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Investment Amount (USD)
$ 102.37 million
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Bank reported $ 380,000,000,000
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Original disclosure @ IDBI website

Updated in EWS May 11, 2021

Disclosed by Bank May 10, 2021

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Project Description

The Rumichaca - Pasto corridor (the "Project") is part of a group of fourth generation concessions ("4G") headed by the Government of Colombia through its National Infrastructure Agency ("ANI").

The Project, operated by the Concesionaria Vial Unión del Sur (the “Concessionaire”), covers 83 km of highways located in the Department of Nariño (southern Colombia) that connect the Rumichaca border crossing, located on the international border between Colombia and Ecuador, with the city of Pasto. The Project includes: i) the rehabilitation of 15.7 km between Rumichaca and the San Juan district in Ipiales; ii) the construction of 62.1 km of dual carriageway between the townships of San Juan and Catambuco, in the city of Pasto (25 km of completely new dual carriageway between San Juan and Pilcuán Viejo); and iii) 5.2 km of improvement of the road in the Catambuco - Pasto section.

For monitoring purposes, the Project has been divided into five Functional Units (“FU”) as follows: () i) UF1, which connects Rumichaca with Contadero, 24.66 km long; ii) UF2, between Contadero and Iles, 12.27 km long; iii) UF3 between Iles and Pedregal, 7.20 km long; iv) UF4 between Pedregal and Tangua, 15.75 km long; and v) UF5 between Tangua and Pasto, 22.18 km long. As of April 2021, the execution of civil works was close to 90%. It is estimated that the planned works will be completed in the remainder of 2021.

The Project was originally funded through a medium-term financing structure (commonly known as "Mini-Perm"). For this reason, it requires a refinancing, in which IDB Invest hopes to get involved helping to mobilize resources from institutional investors.

Investment Description

The investment type was not available at the moment of the snapshot.

Private Actor 1 Private Actor 1 Role Private Actor 1 Sector Relation Private Actor 2 Private Actor 2 Role Private Actor 2 Sector
- - - - Concesionaria Vial Union del Sur SAS Contractor Transport

Contact Information

Name: Fernando Otoya Jaramillo
Title: CFO Sacyr Concesiones Colombia
Telephone: + 57 1 7 44 23 20

Name: Eduar Valbuena
Title: Environmental Coordinator Sacyr Concesiones Colombia
Telephone: + 57 1 7 44 23 20


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