Sigora Haiti Microutility Project (IDBI-12190-01)

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  • IDB Invest (IDBI)
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Nov 20, 2018
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Sigora Haiti, S.A.
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$ 10.00 million
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$ 10.00 million
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Updated in EWS Nov 26, 2018

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Project Description

According to the bank, Sigora intends to expand the Pilot Project by adding wind power and battery capacity, interconnecting the municipalities of Mole Saint Nicolas, Jean Rabel and Bombardopolis, and expanding the grid to reach the municipality of Mare Rouge to provide 24-7 electricity service for a total of 6,600 commercial and residential connections in the Northwest of Haiti ("Cluster 1"). In addition, Sigora plans to build a second, independent, microgrid approximately 200 km south of Cluster 1 in the municipalities of Liancourt, Petite Riviere de l'Artibonite and Dessalines ("Cluster 2"). Cluster 2 will consist of diesel and solar generation combined with battery technology and will allow Sigora to add 15,000 connections. Ultimately, the Project will supply electricity to approximately 21,600 connections, or 110,000 individuals, in eight municipalities. Together the Cluster 1 activities and Cluster 2 activities are the "Project".


People Affected By This Project

The Project has been classified as a Category B (Medium-Risk) operation according with BID Invest's Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy since it will likely generate, among other, the following impacts: i) potential fuel and oil spills caused by the use of machinery and transport vehicles and diesel plants; ii) erosion caused by surface runoff during rains or wind; iii) pollution of superficial and ground water caused by fuel and oil spills; iv) dust produced by wind erosion caused by exposition of soil materials; v) emissions of GHG to the atmosphere caused by the use of machinery and transport vehicles and indirect carbon emissions and air pollution from energy losses during transmission; vi) risk to birds and bats; vii) electromagnetic fields from transmission lines that might affect neighboring communities; viii) increase in health and safety risks due to construction and electrical interconnection activities; ix) visual impact of transmission lines and wind turbines; and x) potential impact to historical buildings and tourism. These impacts are deemed to be of low to medium intensity.

The following Performance Standards have been triggered by the Project:

PS1: Assessment and Management of Environmental and Social Risks and ImpactsPS2: Labor and Working ConditionsPS3: Resource Efficiency and Pollution PreventionPS4: Community Health, Safety, and SecurityPS5: Land Acquisition and Involuntary ResettlementPS6: Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Living Natural ResourcesPS 8: Cultural Heritage

Investment Description
  • IDB Invest (IDBI)
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Contact name: Sonja Schilling
Position: Director of Operations
Telephone: Haiti [+50936725703] US [+17868431178]